National Concert Hall Taipei

The dad got free tickets to the 2010 Toyota Classics featuring Orchestra Citta Di Firenze and wanted us to go, although we (the sister and I) aren’t the biggest fans of classical music. However, I’ve never been inside the National Concert Hall in Taipei, which is located next to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. Therefore, this was a good opportunity to do so. I must say, the music performed was fantastic, and attending a classical music concert is much more interesting than just listening to classical music on a CD. It wasn’t just orchestral music; there was also a tenor singing some of the pieces. It’s quite fun being able to watch the musicians play, especially the percussionist who’s busy switching from instrument to instrument, and the tenor sing, and the conductor conduct.

But aside from that, CKS Memorial Hall (and the Freedom Plaza) is really nice at night. There’s a different atmosphere when everything is dark except for the lights illuminating the buildings. The inside of the concert hall was really nice, too. Very big, and my sister and I had pretty good seats. We were in one of the balcony box seats, and for the first half, we were alone. During the intermission, unfortunately, people realized there were lots of space left and came in. No more privacy. But we had a great view of the stage as you can see everything from above. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I’m glad I went, even though there were a few parts where I almost (and I mean almost) dozed off. Oopsies. 😛

Freedom Plaza at night.

Outside the National Concert Hall.

The main entrance/hall of the concert hall. We entered from the sides, I believe.

Our balcony seats. Sweeeeet!

View from our seats of the stage (empty for now) with a huge organ in the back. So cool-looking.