Canada – Winter Wonderland

The well-trodden path.

Looking at snowy pictures on the Tumblr made me realize that this will be the first winter in a whiles where I won’t get to see snow! Much sadness. As much as freezing cold is not my favorite temperature, there is still something magical about snow-covered everything. So, although I won’t get to see any snow this winter, at least there’s still pictures of snow that I can reminisce with.

These were taken when I visited my parents in Ottawa, Canada for Christmas during senior year in college. That was possibly the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced. Temperature in the negatives is not a common occurrence in the places we’ve lived. The water closest to the riverbanks was frozen! But luckily for me, it wasn’t the coldest time when I visited. When my sister visited during Chinese New Year, the canal in Ottawa had frozen over and people were ice skating on it. Apparently, that’s an annual occurrence. Would have been awesome to see, but I’m not sure I would want to suffer through temperatures of negative thirties or more. Brrrrr.

Sun, blue skies, and snow. Perfect.

Naked trees must be cold.

Snow-covered benches.

Frozen part of the river. Definitely not solid enough to walk on, though.

Brrrrr ... How are the ducks not cold.