Cafes in Taipei City – Booday and Chez Moi Cafe

When out of town high school friends come back to visit, we (the out-of-towner and those of us that live in Taipei) inevitably go cafe-hopping, looking for places to just chill and catch up on old times. This time, the day started off at the Breeze Plaza in 2nd floor Taipei Main Station for food, then two cafes near Zhongshan MRT station, and finally ended at Cafe Bastille in Shi Da Night Market. I’ve already blogged about Cafe Bastille, so this entry will be about the other two cafes.


The place is small, but very homey and has a nice atmosphere. The problem that day was that they were having a private engagement later, so we only had about an hour to chill in there. Since we were waiting for another friend for dinner, we figured it’d be a good way to waste time. Also, one of the waitresses wasn’t very friendly, so that kind of ruined the otherwise nice atmosphere. It seemed like she was hoping after telling us that we only had an hour in there we would leave, but when we didn’t, her attitude wasn’t very nice. Although, the sister’s been there before with another friend and said the waitress had the same attitude. Meh. If you disregard the not-very-service-oriented waitress, it’s a nice place. The have coffees, teas, other drinks, foods, desserts, etc. It would be a great place to just hang out with friends or to study.

Booday interior


Quiche and salad

Chai latte that took 30 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to chug. Poor friend, but she really likes their chai.

Chez Moi Cafe

Time was up in Booday, so we moved our butts to the next location. The last to arrive friend wanted to eat food, so we looked for cafes (of which there are many near Zhongshan MRT station) with food. We settled for Chez Moi, and although the rest of us weren’t exactly hungry, we ended up ordering some snacks/food anyway. The bad thing about some of the cafes is that they have a two hour limit, especially when it gets busy. The places aren’t very big, so they run out of tables easily. But regardless, the place was pretty good. The service was pretty good (constant re-filling of our water) and the food not bad. Lots of places to further explore in that area, though. So many cafes! And so many hairdressers.

Seafood chowder at Chez Moi Cafe

Cheese fries with spicy meat sauce