Gordon Biersch

Man, while uploading the pictures, I got hungry and am currently craving their mushroom swiss burger. I know, I know. We should be going to Gordon Biersch to drink their beer, and normally we do, but this time, we were starving and just wanted food. We were in the Xinyi area to pre-order tickets to Harry Potter, and since we were starving at 4 pm, decided to go for GB.

Their mushroom swiss burger is so good. The semi-crunchy texture of the mushrooms along with the huge piece of patty (cooked medium or is it medium rare … not sure what the translated equivalent of 七分熟 is …) is a great combination. I started off with my half of the burger and then moved on to the grilled chicken with avocado sandwich. But by the time I finished the burger, I was full already, so I couldn’t enjoy the sandwich as much. Next time, we should just share a burger and maybe get a soup or salad. Ahhh, so much food, but so good. Definitely want to go again!

Grilled chicken with avocado sandwich and potato wedges. Not sure why sandwiches have hamburger buns, but meh. It was nom!

Mushroom swiss burger with garlic mashed potatoes. Delish. And huge!

Check out the size of the patty!