Fooding in Taipei

This entry is going to be completely about food (although, when is an entry ever not completely about food?). What I meant was food from different places. Sometimes we go to eat at places where we order just one dish per person, and it’s a quick meal, so there isn’t really much to say. This entry, then, will be a compilation of those restaurants or road-side food stalls.

First up, tonkatsu – fried pork. DELICIOUS. This restaurant, which I have forgotten the name of, is possibly one of my favoritest in Taipei. I am grateful to my sister’s friend who introduced us to it. We’ve tried tonkatsus in other places, but they were either too hard, too soft, not crunchy enough, not enough meat, too much flour, etc. to be any good. But this place, man this place, they fry the pork to perfection. Ok, I exaggerate, but not really. It’s not too oily, it’s not too hard, there is a lot of meat, and with the mashed turnip, it is the definition of delicious. In my opinion, anyway. For this particular dish, it also comes with half a grapefruit that you squeeze onto the mashed turnip, so it gives the dish a little sour and sweet flavor. The only thing preventing me from eating here more often is the price. This dish costs 320 nt, but it does come with miso soup, a bowl of rice, salad, and appetizers, which are all refillable. And after the main dish, they have ice cream for dessert, and I normally go with the macha ice cream. Super nom!

Next is a bowl of steaming goodness; pork and leek dumplings in beef soup. The restaurant, near our place in Yonghe, has really good niu rou mien (or beef noodle soup). But I’m more of a fan of their dumplings because the noodles can be a bit too spicy for me. Regardless, it is all very tasty.

And lastly, but not least, some sweets for dessert. This stall is located in Le Hua Night Market in Yonghe City. It’s basically fruit that’s been dipped in melted sugar, which has now hardened. They have different fruits, but my favorite is strawberries. The special thing about this stall is that they also put sauce on the fruit sticks, and you can choose between chocolate sauce, honey, plum powder, and another one I cannot recall. The combination of sour and sweet is always the best.