Korean Food – Ah Li Lang

So! It’s been a while since I updated, but no worries, I’ve still been eating. Especially recently. The dad has been taking us to different restaurants to try on the weekend. Always a good experience and more stuff to blog about (when I actually do).

Yesterday we tried a new Korean restaurant in Yonghe City, and by new I mean new to us, not newly opened. It’s not bad! The soup for my seafood tofu pot was quite yum, and the seafood pancake had plenty of seafood. The place is pretty spacious, so it doesn’t feel so cramped even if there are a lot of people there, which is kind of rare for restaurants in Taipei. People around us were also trying the Korean bbq, so maybe we should give that a try the next time we go. Also what to try their rice in hot stone pot (bad translation) since it looked pretty good in their picture. This time we all just got different kinds of hot pots or noodle in my mom’s case. The price is a little pricey, I think, but in comparison to Dubu House on the East side, I think it’s definitely cheaper.

The Korean restaurant!

Refillable appetizers. Not much options, but the bean sprouts were yum!

Mines. I got the seafood tofu pot. Steaming hot with lots of tofu. Not so much seafood.

The dad got kimchi pot. Spicy!

Sister got the beef pot, but I didn't really like it. The beef taste (not the good kind) was in the soup. Too overpowering.

Mom got spicy noodles. Not sure how to translate into English.

Seafood pancake. Very yum. I especially like their sauce šŸ˜€

Unrelated, it’s snowing on my blog! šŸ˜€ Wish it would snow in Taipei, though. Sigh.