Thai – Thai Town

In celebration of me getting a job, the dad decided to go out for food (although we never need an excuse to go eat). At first he’d read about this hotpot store near Dingxi MRT station on the internets, so we headed over there. Unfortunately, the place was packed and waiting was 30 minutes or more (and we tried to give it another try this weekend, but the place was already fully reserved … popular!). It was also New Year’s Day, so we figured most places would be packed. Luckily Thai Town nearby still had some tables left as the place is pretty big. It’s my second time going to that restaurant (but in a different location), and though I didn’t quite enjoy the first time, I figured different location, maybe better food? Ah, optimism always fails me. The restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere, and the service is pretty good, but the food … the food, it disappoints.

We got a set menu. I forget exactly how much it was per person (around 600ish?), but just remember it was pretty pricey. There were six main dishes, and each you had two or three options to choose from. We picked the ones that we knew and generally always chose when we eat Thai food. Then there was dessert and drinks for all. Drinks you could choose from beer (which the dad chose), coconut water (the mom), and fruit tea (sister and I). Dishes-wise, there was only one that I really liked, and that was the thinly sliced pork. Sour and spicy, but very tasty. Everything else was mediocre. Maybe because we’ve been spoiled by living in Thailand and having had real Thai food, but what we had at the restaurant was definitely not great Thai food. With that happy thought, picture time! At least the food presentation was nice.

Thinly sliced pork. The best dish. Sourrrrrr and slightly spicy.

Shrimp cake! One of the better dishes .....

Stir fried greens. Was not good at all, too hard!

Seafood and veggies on hot iron plate. Too spicy for me, and nothing amazingly special.

Red curry chicken. Not bad, but I think I make better ones. Hah!

Steamed fish. The sauce/soup it was stewing in was great. Sour as well, but goes very well with rice.

Iced momozhazha. Dessert-type food. Can't really describe what it's made of, though.

Warm momozhazha.

Fruit on ice. Even though it was canned, I still love lychee.

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