Western – Macaroni Grill

Neo 19 has quite a few western restaurants. Okay, maybe just two – Chili’s and Macaroni Grill. Both seem to be quite popular in Taiwan now. I’ve been a fan of Chili’s since my LA days, but that restaurant is ridiculously hard to get a reservation at. Maybe it’s because we do it too late, but whatevs. We ended up going to Macaroni Grill because they actually had open spots for the time we wanted. Definitely a lot more pricey than Chili’s (or even than I remembered from previous trips), but still quite tasty. The story that I heard regarding the Macaroni Grill in Taipei is that all the ingredients are imported from the States. That’s why sometimes, when they’re unable to actually import the ingredient, they won’t be able to serve the dish. They do this to preserve the taste, so what you eat in Taiwan is the same as in the States. If that is the case, no wonder it’s so pricey, but is it really necessary? Whether it’s true or not is another story.

Our fourth party member was still at work when we got to the restaurant, but the rest of us were all starving, so we decided to just get some appetizers to appease our stomachs. We ended up getting shrimp and artichoke dip and mozerella and tomato in balsamic vinegar salad. Also, there was the complimentary bread that they give you. Let’s just say by the time we were all done with that and our fourth member had arrived, we were on the full side. Therefore, main dishes for the three of us included two clam chowders and one pizza (which was disappointing because for some reason I was expecting European pizza – thin, crunchy dough; but instead, although it was thin, it was not crunchy and way too doughy). Dessert was quite good, although the panna cotta was a bit too sweet. It went well with black coffee, though, which was sorely needed after that huge meal. Overall, I do like Macaroni Grill, but it is just a tad too pricey. Definitely can only eat there once in a long whiles. Picture time!

Mozzarella with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. SO YUM, especially with the bread.


Shrimp and artichoke dip on toasted bread. Good stuff.

Clam Chowder. The red pieces on top are sundried tomatoes. Not a fan of it, and doesn't really do anything for the soup. Unnecessary, I say!

Margherita Pizza. Couldn't manage to even eat a slice.

Dessert - Huge piece of tiramisu. Not bad, although one of our company said it was a little too wet.

Panna Cotta with strawberries. I believe they said this was homemade (in the restaurant).