Sunny Day in Taipei

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Work just takes a lot out of me, mentally and physically. Also, ever since I started working, I haven’t touched my DSLR. Well! That changed yesterday because it was a beaaaaaautiful day. For some reason, I don’t remember Taipei’s weather being so craptastic in the past, but I guess my memory is faulty (heh). Anyway, finally a big sunny and warm day came around, so we went bike riding, and I took my camera with! It definitely felt good taking pictures again. Must. Not. Let. Work. Ruin. Things. Including my hobbies. Yup.

When I first came back to Taiwan, we rode with my cousin and husband to Bi Tan. That was about five months ago. Yesterday, the dad, sister, and I rode there again, unplanned. And it took a way shorter amount of time, too, even with me stopping every so often to take pictures. Everyone was out with their families or significant others (le sigh) enjoying the sun and good weather. Seriously, this is how deprived Taipei-ers are of sun. Normally if there was even a sliver of sunlight, the girls would have their umbrellas out. But yesterday, there were lots of people sitting by the water, just soaking up the sun. Ah sun, I have missed you so.

Too bad it was kind of a hazy day. 101 in the distance~

Eagle? Hawk? soaring through the air. Wish I could fly~~~

Mountains in the distance.

Island in the river.


Small field of purple flowers.

Quite a number of people were fishing along the river.

The boats here just look like little toys placed in water.


This puppy was super cute! wearing all these charms and had a 保佑 (protection?) sticker stuck on his forehead. So cute!