Chia-Yi Fooding ~ Japanese

Last weekend, we went down to Chia-Yi because I wanted to get my hair done. Yes, I go to the south to get my hair straightened and all that because the hairdresser we go to there is probably one of the best I’ve ever been to. Ok wait, the best. It’s super pricey, especially for the south, but I do this at most once a year, so I think it’s a good investment. Anyway, enough about hair, onto fooding.

I think the love of fooding runs in the family. My aunt’s always taking us to good food places in Chia-Yi, and somehow she always finds them. Even if they’re not exactly in the city center and requires a bit of driving. Like the Japanese restaurant we went to for dinner. It was pretty cheap, and between the six of us, we ordered plenty of food. Some of the dishes we even got second or third orders. Yah, we’re kind of pigs. But it’s all good!

Of all the dishes we ordered, I think my favorite was the tonkatsu. Even though the pork slices weren’t very thick, but it was fried nicely, and who knew it’d taste good with thousand island dressing. The fried rice was also pretty good. Ah Japanese food, always super good.

Assorted Sushi

Tonkatsu on the left and some kind of veggie on the right (don't know what it's called in English)

Salmon fried rice.

Fried tofu.

Stir fried Japanese noodles.

Salmon sashimi (we got a second plate as well)

Baked fish chin (direct Chinese to English translation :P)


Assorted nigiri.

Raw beef. Yup. It was still kind of frozen. A little too weird for me, although with the onions and the sauce it was not bad. But only had one slice.

Shrimp hand rolls.