Chia-Yi fooding~ Dessert

Wowza! My last post was the 100th post! Granted, I imported many of my old posts from blogger over, but still. 100! It’s gotta count for something, right? šŸ˜›

Anyway, I hadn’t finished posting about Chia-Yi fooding, although it’s been like two weeks since we went. One of the dessert’s isn’t even really from Chia-Yi. My cousin ordered the chocolate cake online (they don’t have an actual store) and brought it back to Chia-Yi with us. Actually, there were two cakes and a box of chocolate. The cakes came in two forms: rare and medium rare. The rare one was basically a chocolate molten cake that had choco goo leaking out when you cut into it while the medium rare when didn’t really ooze, but it was still softer on the inside. The one in the pictures is the medium rare one. The rare one had already been half devoured when I finally got to it. It was pretty good! I really like the gooey one. Mmmm, warm gooey chocolate. Can’t go wrong!

The other dessert is sweet potatoes stewed in sugar. Sounds weird and has the potential to be overly sweet, but it isn’t. It just right! Kind of hard to describe the taste, but the sweet potato basically just melts in your mouth, and the sugar adds more taste to it. Nom nom nom!

Steaming sweet potatoes in sugar.

Sweet potatoes cooked in sugar.


Red box, ooh la la.

Chocolate cake!

With some coffee, it's perfect.

The remnants of the cake smeared on my plate ... makes the words show up! šŸ˜›