Mother’s Day at Dian Shui Lou


Happy Mother’s Day! For celebrating this day, we went to a Chinese restaurant because that is the mother’s favorite type of food. Price-wise, it was a little more expensive than your usual roadside food stands :P. Anyway, still super full and suffering from food coma, so just enjoy the pictures. The food was pretty good, but a bit on the salty side. Definitely need to eat it with rice. The little long baos were pretty good, very juicy. Have to go try Ding Tai Fung’s again to do a comparison. Hehehe. Anyway, picture time~

The menu.

Asparagus with shrimp.

Slices of pork and bean curd. Goes really well with rice.

Fried large intestine. Woo. When put that way it does not sound tasty, but it was. Very yum!

Little long baos. Full of soup!

Close up!

Directly translated,these are pan cookies (鍋餅). It had some veggies and tofu in it.

Not sure what this soup is called, but it’s really good. It had some marinated pork, bamboo shoots, veggies, and tofu skin in it. But the soup was full of flavor.

Couldn’t help myself, wanted mango panna cotta. So I got it. And I’m glad because it was fantastic! Not too milky in flavor,which is always a worry when it comes to dessert for me.

The windows at the restaurant. The decor of the place was like old Chinese-style. Gave off a good atmosphere. Nice place!