Thin-Crust Pizza

Hole-in-the-wall places always have the best food. My sister’s friend introduced her to this pizza place where they freshly bake them after you order. The best part of this pizza is that it’s thin crust! In general, most of the pizzas in Taiwan have the thicker crust, which I am not a fan of. I love thin crust pizzas, so when my sister told me about this place, I had to try it. This place is in a small alley in Gongguan, across from NTU, and if someone doesn’t show you, it’s definitely hard to find. Unless you like exploring little alleys, then you will probably stumble upon this place. According to the sign at the entrance, this place originated from Ying-Ge (鶯歌). It’s a very tiny “restaurant” (I’m not sure what to call it since it’s super tiny, and hole-in-the-wall is annoying to type more than once, ok twice) as you can see in the picture below. There’s also no airconditioning (le sigh), so it can get really hot if you go during summer.

Anyway, the pizza is not bad. The only disappointing thing is that even though it’s thin crust, it isn’t very crunchy. However, the sister said the last time she was there, it was crunchier. Maybe it depends on who’s baking your pizza. But hey, the price is decent – 100NT per pizza, so we’ll definitely be going back there again when the craving for thin-crusted pizza comes around again.

Little sign on one of the walls in the alley.

Super small restaurant

Potato pizza with extra cheese.

Perfect companion to pizza~ Coca Cola~