Hakka Restaurant 晉江茶館

The internet is really a great way of finding new food. Recently my cousin read about this Hakka restaurant near her old place near 古亭 Guting MRT station that she hadn’t known about during the 5 or 10 years she’s lived in that area. And it’s no wonder as this restaurant is also continuing last entry’s inconspicuous restaurant theme. There’s no great neon sign like so many places in Taipei have, and it is also located in an inconspicuous alley. So unless someone tells you about it, you see it on the internets, or somehow stumble across it, it is difficult to find. Luckily we tagged along with the cousin and her husband to try out the place.

The food is quite good, a bit on the salty side, so you definitely need rice to go along with all the dishes. We ordered dishes that were recommended online, but next time we go, we’ll definitely order some other dishes because as the waitress was bringing food to other tables, my mom and cousin were both like, wow that looks good too! The dishes are a bit on the pricey side, as you can see on the menu below. But the portions are not bad, and I think it’s worth the price. Quite enjoyable!

Seems like a cozy cottage from the outside.

東山美人茶 literally translated means "eastern mountain beautiful person tea". Yah. Does it make me prettier if I drink it? 😛

I think this was the 冷泉油雞 chicken with orange-tasting sauce. This dish was good. The chicken was cooked perfectly, chewy and not stringy. The sauce made the dish that much better.

九層塔茄子 Eggplant in basil. Good good, but it came last, so by that time I was pretty full already.

豆酥芙蓉 Tofu with a special sauce that I don't know how to translate. Best dish of them all, I think. The tofu was super soft, the kind that melts in your mouth.

薑絲大腸 Large intestines cooked with ginger. It wasn't sour enough and the intestines took quite a bit of chewing.

炒檳榔花 Stir-fried beetlenut flowers. Who would have thought nasty beetlenut has pretty tasty flowers. They taste like bamboo shoots.

梅干扣肉 Pork and veggies braised in soy sauce (something along those lines -.-)

Grass Jelly dessert.

Mochi with peanut dust.

Menu. Look at all those choices~