Qingjing Veteran’s Farm 清境農場

Recently, we went on a very short trip (two days, one night) to Nantou’s Qingjing Veteran’s Farm. I didn’t realize how much I miss seeing green everywhere until this trip. There was so much green! Even without the sun shining, it was still amazingly green. Green is good. Ok, I will shut up about the green. Anyway, some time last year my mom, sister, and I went to this travel fair/exhibition they hold every year in Taipei, and we bought this voucher to stay at one of the bed and breakfasts near Qingjing. Then I got a job, and we couldn’t really put that to use since it was only redeemable during the weekdays. Then recently, I quit my job, so now we had the chance to go! And go we did~

It was fun, although the weather wasn’t the best, and I caught a cold the day before we left for the trip (good timing, body, good timing). Also, because of the weather, the area was constantly foggy with a few bouts of clearness. Although I realized that fogginess makes for better picture-taking time. Anyway, The bed and breakfast was located about 10 to 15 minutes from the Farm area, which doesn’t sound too bad. However! This place is on a mountain, which means there was a lot of uphills and downhills, so a 10 to 15 minute walk on big hills is a lot more tiring than on flat land.

So the first day, we woke up at 5 am to catch the bus that would take us to our bed and breakfast from Taipei. Passed out most of the ride down, but was still pretty exhausted when we finally reached our destination. After dropping off our stuff in the b&b, we hiked down (since our b&b was above the farm) and spent some time on the upper most area of the farm. We saw sheep! Lots of sheep! Sheep that go BAAAAAAH really loudly. Also sheep that smell really, really bad. Pee-yew~ The top area of the farm was very hilly as well, so we hiked around in there and then became too tired, so it was time to head back up to the b&b. But first we went a bit higher than the b&b in order to visit the highest 7-11 in that area to get our daily caffeine fix. Hike, hike, hike. Finally made it and thankfully they had a little dining area where we could rest our poor tired bodies. Then, hike, hike, hike back down to our b&b and splay out flat on our beds. Man, we are all out of shape. The rest of the day was spent in or near the b&b. I’ve never watched as much Korean dramas in the time I’ve been back to Taiwan as on this trip. Luckily, they had a nice TV in the room.

The b&b was located at the top of a steep hill. So this is the view from the top. Every time we went out or came back, we'd have to descend and ascend that hill. Makes one very lazy.

All around the area were different b&b's. A lot of them had the European style feeling. There were many like this one.

Sheep dotted the green hills.

"YO! Where my food at?!"

Lunch for that day was fried chicken. Not much else being sold in the farm. Lamb chops, anybody? xP

Foggy! So to get back up to the entrance, we climbed many, many stairs. The "trail" was called Great Wall of China, in Chinese. It wasn't a wall, but it was Great. So tired by the time we reached the top and had to take many rests during.

Yay Engrish! Don't you dare tramp!

Sign showing highest 7-11 in Qingjing at 2050 meters.

Point! This dog was staring so warily at another passing dog. So cute!

Our b&b~ The rooms were off to the side. This was the lobby/reception area.

Behind the b&b they hada small field full of these flowers. While exploring, the fog rolled in. Kind of eerie, but awesome!

Dinner was provided by the b&b. We had the choice between hot pot and set menu. We went with the set menu, which included rice, four dishes, and a soup. It was not bad really, but too much food for the three of us. After that we couldn’t do much except lie in our beds and watch more Korean dramas. It also started raining as we were eating dinner, so we couldn’t see any stars, which was really disappointing. Nothing like dark mountain areas for the best star-viewing. Sadness.

Dinner~ Fried tofu in soy sauce. Very yum. The tofu is the kind that melts in your mouth. I love tofu!

Bamboo shoot soup. This was great for my painful throat. I drank a lot of soup.

Oyster mushrooms in soy sauce, basil, and ginger. Nom nom nom!

Cabbage is one of the veggies they grow in that area. So there was a huge plate of it. So huge that we could not finish it.

To be continued ….