Qingjing Veteran’s Farm 清境農場 Day 2

Day two! The day started out quite clear, as in there wasn’t any fog (but still overcast). So we could see the mountains in the distance very clearly. We woke up at 730 to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to hike up the opposite direction from yesterday. The hike up was actually not too bad, the roads being not too steep. We came to a small village called Bo Wang New Village and decided to explore for a little bit since we still had plenty of time before we had to go checkout of the b&b. The little buildings in the village were very colorful and each had their unique qualities. A lot of them also had really pretty flowers and plants in front. Some of them were restaurants or little stores, but because it wasn’t the weekend so there weren’t a lot of tourists around. We just walked around and ended up at a little gazebo in front of a temple.

Around the b&b there were plenty of roadside stands selling fruits and veggies grown locally. Lots of colors!

Rows and rows of plants. Not sure what they were growing here.

Mountain side covered with crops and plants.

Trees in a bend.

Faded and cracked paintings.

Small village with lots of old buildings turned into restaurants or b&b's.

Little rest area in front of a temple.

Then because we were out of a trail to walk on, we decided to hike back. On the hike back, the fog/clouds started rolling in. When there’s no fog, it’s actually quite warm. But when the fog rolls in, the temperature noticeably drops. I don’t think this helped my cold much. It was interesting, though, because it felt like we were walking in the clouds. So cool! Anyway, we make it back to the b&b and relax for a bit. Then it was time to checkout, but since we still had an hour before our bus arrived, we decided to go back to the 7-11 to eat lunch. Convenience stores are the best! I don’t know how I survived without them when I was living abroad. During all the vacations or trips we’ve had in Taiwan, part of them was spent in convenience stores. Heh.

Old bus stop starting to crumble. There is only one bus and it comes once an hour.

Doggies rule the streets here.

Mountain top peeking through the clouds.

Finally, it was time to head back north. But the bus stopped for an hour at another farm, Tai Yi Ecological Farm (台一生態休閒農場), kind of random, but we believe it’s because they had a deal with the tour bus to take us there in order to get us to spend money! But it was actually not too bad. The weather had finally turned for the better, blue skies, sun, etc. and the farm had a lot of picturesque areas, plus they also had a butterfly enclosure and beekeeping area. They did try to sell us stuff, but of course, whether you buy or not is entirely your choice. We ended up buying some honey because they let us try their honey water, and it was really good, especially on the very hot day. Anyway, the hour passed quickly, and it was finally time to head home.

Walk way at the Tai Yi Ecological Farm.

Bees galore! The tour guide also showed us the queen bee, which they marked with red spots. But since I don't like bees, I didn't get close enough to get a picture.


This butterfly looks like a rotting leaf to turn away the predators.

But it's much prettier once it opened its wings.

Part of the farm.

Overall, it was an exhausting two days, but these vacations tend to be. It was nice experience, especially at Qingjing because it was so peaceful and green. It’d be nice to go back and live not so high up, much closer to the farm, and explore it some more. Also, hopefully the next time I won’t have a stupid cold and the weather will be much more cooperative.

Panorama of the mountains

More pictures are in my Flickr! Enjoy~