Fima Cafe 菲瑪咖啡

My sister’s been telling me about this cafe since even before I came back last fall. The reason is because they’re supposed to have a kitty cat! However, currently, the kitty cat still hasn’t made an appearance. According to the waitress, the kitty is still taking its afternoon nap. Wake up kitty! I will be very sad if we leave without seeing the cat. Yes, I love cats (but I also love dogs). I want a kitty! Ok, I’ll shut up about the kitty now.

Anyway, the place is pretty nice. Chill. The booth seat is a little bit tall for me, though. I can feel my back starting to hurt. Oopsies, should have taken the non-booth seat. Heh. Aside from the waffles (as shown below), we also had smoked chicken sandwiches. It was tasty, but you can never go wrong with smoked chicken, right? Smoked anything, for that matter. Nom. Picture time!

The cafe has a nice airy feel, thanks to the high ceilings and white walls. It's a bit narrow, though, and only near the entrance are there windows for natural light. But it's still a nice feel.

Waffles! Maybe it's been too long since I had Belgian waffles, but these were actually pretty good. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It would have been even better if it were warm, but taste-wise, it was not bad! And their whipped cream seems homemade, very tasty.

Iced latte. Not bad, and even though I asked for sugar, it wasn't too sweet. Always a plus!

Black Sugar Latte. I wanted to get this, but it only came in hot and I wanted cold. Although after taking a sip of it, I still prefer the one at Black Bar Cafe (near Taipei Medical University).

[Edit] Capu makes her appearance!


Why she lookin so shocked?

What a lovely posture~