Kaffee Amadeus

Normally, when I think of 101, the first thing that comes to mind is unaffordable. The mall attached to the once-tallest-building-in-the-world is filled with designer stores, which on my (lack of) salary is way too expensive. The only thing that is affordable there is Page One and the food! So, the other day, my friend told me about this place outside of Page One that had to-die-for cake, Kaffee Amadeus. Spending money on food is always ok in my book, so off we went to give it a try.

The previous time my friend went, she had the afternoon tea set, but because this time we were there during lunch, we decided to try out their salty dishes. They had salad, sandwiches, pizza baguettes, and even a bread bowl. I was tempted to get the bread bowl, but 101 had just opened, the air conditioning wasn’t exactly cold yet, and we’d just come in from super hot outside, so I opted for something less likely to make me sweat buckets (lovely image there). After the main course, we all decided to go for some dessert. My friend got the same cake as she did last time, and my sister and I decided to share the apple strudel. Mmmmm, just drooling thinking about it.

The place is definitely on the not-cheap side, but I think it is worth the visit once in a while, especially if there’s a craving for desserts and a chill atmosphere (if you can ignore all the tourists walking by).

"Outdoors" cafe in 101. It kind of felt like it was outdoors. Too bad it was surrounded by tourists.

Cozy little booth area.

My friend got Austrian beer (alcoholic!).

Iced coffee. Very tasty on a super hot day.

My sister got smoked chicken with honey mustard sauce sandwich. I wanted to get this, but I'm not a fan of Ciabatta bread. I did have a piece of the sandwich, though, and it was tasty. Too bad the bottom of the bread because a bit too soggy, which made for messy eating. But the honey mustard and smoked chicken was a good combination.

For lunch, I got smoked salmon and cheese pizza baguette. It was pretty good! But again, you can never go wrong with smoked salmon! Nom~

My friend got double espresso coffee that also came with cookies.

My friend got chocolate truffle cake (forgot the exact name), and I took a bite. It was uber heavy, but pretty good. Too full from lunch to enjoy it, though. But as my friend described it, it's so heavy that she feels like dying after, but it would be the happiest way to go.

Warm apple strudel with raspberry ice cream. Love. There's just something about the combination of a warm apples, cinnamon, and ice cream that always hits the spot. Even on a hot summer day in Taipei.

The good thing about the location of Kaffee Amadeus inside 101 is that you can get a tan while you eat/chat! But the sun only stayed on us for a few minutes, then moved onto other areas.