Chia-Yi ~ Rose Garden 玫瑰園

This past weekend we went down to Chia-Yi to attend my cousin’s wedding. My big aunt treated us to dinner the night before at Rose Garden. Apparently this restaurant/cafe has been open for a long time (more than 20 years?), and it’s open 24 hours a day with free wifi! It would be a nice place to just sit around, drink coffee, and relax. Maybe read a book, surf the internet. Anyway, they had quite a bit of Chinese food options, including hot pots! The atmosphere is nice, the food was decent (but way too much), the coffee was good. It was a nice place overall.

The restaurant is decorated like the inside of a cottage. Nice and cozy.

Birdie in the restaurant. It was so round and floofy. At first we thought it was fake, but then its tail twitched. Cute!

Bad Engrish (but funny!). As a friend commented on facebook, this was probably done via google translate.

Salad. The dressing was fruity yogurt, and that was very nice.

I got the hot pot set with a milk base. Not bad, but in the end, it got too creamy for me. Also, too much food. Could not finish.

Sister got sweet and sticky pork ribs (京都排骨). My mother commented that she's a foreigner for enjoying these sweet and sticky dishes.

Dessert. Pineapple with tremella (aka white fungi 白木耳). Forgot what the little black things were. It was interesting, but apparently very healthy!

Much needed coffee. Coffeeeeeeee.