Computex 2011

Word of warning, no food-related post here. My dad had free tickets to Computex, so my sister and I decided to check it out. We only went to the Nangang Exhibition Hall one, though. At first we were going to the World Trade Expo Halls in Hsin-Yi Area, but because of some mix up, we ended up in Nangang. Now that the MRT blue line goes directly there, it’s so much faster. Last time we went to an expo in that area, we took the brown line, and that was super far.

Anyway, we saw lots of computer towers, monitors, computer parts, mouse, keyboard, iPad/iPod/iPhone accessories, etc. They just didn’t have the one thing we were looking for, iPhone armbands! When bike riding, it’s nice to listen to music, but putting our iPhone or iPod in our pockets is kind of scary. Last time, my sister’s iPod flew out of her pocket -.- But yes, we did not see any at the exhibition. Nor did we see any at the Apple resellers we’ve visited. Do people in Taiwan not exercise with their Apple products?!

Anyway, some of the booths were pretty eye-catching, and of course, what is an exhibition without the show girls and the massive amount of boys with their DSLRs taking a gazillion pictures? I felt so weird taking pictures of the girls because it was all guys doing so. And there I was, trying to stand discretely to the side with my iPhone, taking pictures. What I do for this blog! Heh. Picture time!

Towers galore! Some of the towers on display were massive and monstrous. Pretty cool.

Starcraft II across three monitors. Wowza.

Whenever I saw an Android robot, I'd shout AnDROID (how the Taiwanese say it) to my sister. I think she got annoyed with me in the end.

Viewsonic birdies. So cute! And when they started playing music, they'd dance along. Must have been hot/uncomfy in those suits.

I wonder if show girls develop an occupational hazard where whenever a camera points at them, they immediately do a pose. So imagine one of them walking in the streets normally, sees a camera, and *pose*! How funny would that be.

Lara Croft, Marilyn Monroe, and girl from Black Swan attended the expo as well.

Intel show girls ... look so sparkly and shiny.

Of course all the fan boys were eagerly checking out the show girls whilst waiting for free stuff.