The Old Street of Nan-Zhuang ~ Part Deux

After the disappointing lunch, we headed toward the old street. Even though the plan was to head towards it, we weren’t sure where it was. Therefore, we followed the people (good plan, no?). Before we even made it to the old street, we stopped for shaved ice and cold coffee. Man, it was seriously hot. I think I got a decent tan from that trip.

A store along the way.

Stores lined a small alleyway.

Huge teddy bear! Awwwww.

Red bean shaved ice. Ice ice baby~

Iced coffee. Apparently a specialty in that area is Gold Mandehling coffee (黃金曼特寧咖啡). I only assume so because there were many stores selling this type of coffee/coffee beans. It was not bad, but I think anything cold at the point would be not bad to me.

And then we made it onto the old street. Although, we weren’t sure if it was the old street because its proper name was Sweet Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷). But it was packed with people and was lined with lots of stores, so we assumed either way, this was a popular location. It was pretty tiny, though, space-wise and length-of-alley-wise. We’ve visited other old streets, like the one in Jiu Fen (九份), which were way longer and much more impressive, so we were pretty disappointed in this one. Most of the stores were food stuffs, selling specialty items from the area, but we weren’t too into most of them. Also, the popular stalls had super long lines or huge crowds in front, and we were all too hot to patiently wait.

So many signs @.@ Where to go?!

The Alley ~ tiny and packed. Mmmm, fun times.

Temple to the side of the Alley. The banisters were all in gold, super shiny.

The old post office at one end of the Alley.

A vendor letting customers try their honey vinegar (mixed with ice and water) and pineapple vinegar. The iced honey vinegar was really tasty and refreshing, and the vendor was really nice letting us have refills. Too bad a bottle of that costs 200 some NT, which is a bit too pricy.

Old doors along the Alley.

The Vanilla Store. They had different types of soaps for you to try. Smells nice~

Mailbox in front of the Vanilla Store where they mail the post cards you bought from the store.

At the other end of the Alley is a big road. With mountains in the distance. Lots of mountains!

Water that kids were playing with. It seemed pretty clean. Made me want to jump in ... how nice that would have been.

I think the trip could be summed up with two words: hot & disappointed. But at least it gave me a chance to tan and take pictures, which is always a good thing. Don’t think Nan Zhuang will be on our list of places to go again, but now at least we know.