Bike Ride ~ 6.12

Our route. Although I forgot to press resume after one of our breaks (oops). Used the Runkeeper App to keep track of our ride.

The weather has been pretty unstable recently, sunny in the morning and thunderstorm in the afternoon. But, the sister and I braved the chance of t-storms and went for a ride. It was pretty uneventful ride, especially as there weren’t as many people out either because we started out earlier than normal or because everyone was afraid of possible rain. Either way, it was good because that meant less swerving to miss children who aren’t paying attention.

It was a pretty view, even though it was overcast. Some spots were somewhat clear with sun shining through, so you could appreciate the green of the grass growing all around. The weird thing, though, is that even though it’s been raining these past few days, at some parts of the river, the water level was pretty low. Weird. Anyway, I’m hoping for more bike rides as the weather improves; good exercise and a good time to think.

Sister's bike.

My little black 小黑!Who recently got a bath so looks more black then it did before the bath. 😀

The three black specks in the sky are kites! There was a fourth kite as well, and they were all in sync, flying the same direction, speed, etc. So cool!

Tall green grass growing everywhere~ This is a place for bird watching, but of course when we went it was probably too early for any birds.

Bridge and mountain in the distance.

Panorama of the area with very little water. First time I've seen this river so low in water.