Shi-Da Night Market ~ Awfully Chocolate

One super hot and humid Saturday afternoon, before my friend’s first date with a potential suitor, the sister and I decided to hang with her to try and calm her nerves. We figured we’d just stay in a cafe near the Shi-Da area, but we didn’t count on how difficult it would be. There are definitely plenty of cafes in that area since it’s full of students, but they are all full of students. So after wandering in and out like four different cafes, we settled for Awfully Chocolate because it was the only one with empty seats and air-conditioning (very important).

The first and only experience I’ve had with Awfully Chocolate is the chocolate birthday cake my cousin got my sister a few years ago. I thought it was pretty good at that time, chocolate-y but not overly sweet, but my cousins and sister who had had another chocolate cake before that kept saying how it used to be better. Apparently it changed owners between then.

Anyway! We were surprised to see it actually now had seated areas and served desserts and beverages. The last Awfully Chocolate store I went to was basically a counter with pictures that you choose from. And we were all pleasantly surprised with our dessert choices. They were pretty tasty, although I think my sister overdosed on too much chocolate afterwards. It is semi-pricey, but nothing much more expensive than desserts and drinks at other cafes.

Friend's dessert ~ Poached chocolate with honey and whiskey cream. The chocolate part was definitely too sweet, but in combination with the cream, it was just right. And the honey is definitely a good addition. The good thing about the store is that the waitresses will introduce their desserts to you. Otherwise, just looking at it, we had no idea what they were.

Dark chocolate cupcake. Definitely one of the best cupcakes I've had in Taiwan ever. The top is chocolate frosting and the cake base is also chocolate. Sounds too sweet, right? But the cake base was definitely not sweet, so eating the frosting along with the cake was perfect. i could eat 10 of those. Too bad they're too expensive for me to do that 😦 ... Also they give you a spoon to eat it with, so you don't get frosting all over your face. xP

Chinese tea with orange flavor. The sugar is on the side, which is definitely a good thing. No need for sugary drink when your dessert is already full of sugar.