Movenpick Restaurant @ Dingxi MRT

Earlier this week, the best friend took came to my area to study with us at various cafes. Before studying, though, there must be food! So on one of the days, my mom took us to the second floor of Dingxi (頂溪美食館)since we were in that area anyway. There were a few restaurants up there, and we settled on the Movenpick restaurant as my sister and I had been to the ramen place, and it was only meh.

Well, the food that we ordered this time was only meh as well. Probably should only go there for their ice cream. The food itself wasn’t horrible, but at the price they sell it for, you don’t want not-horrible, you want, at the very least, good! The only good part of the meal was the creme brulee with vanilla ice cream. So, I think if we ever go there again, it will only be for their ice cream/desserts (which all looked pretty good from the pictures).

I ordered the Sicilian pancake with chicken. I think that's what it was called. It was alright, the inside was just pesto, chicken, and melted cheese. It was definitely on the salty side.

The mom ordered burritos, but as you can see, it's not really burritos. Just beef wraps. It was ok. Nothing special.

Friend ordered caesar salad. The salad was drenched in salad dressing, and that was just too much. In the end it got pretty nasty.

Sister ordered seafood & rice. It was not bad, and the portion was pretty big even though at first glance we thought it was small.

Creme brulee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The caramelized sugar was nice and crunchy~