Kylie Minogue @ Taipei Nangang

July 3rd was an incredibly busy day. First, the best friend was having her wedding in mid-Taiwan, so had to trek down to Taichung to attend. Nice wedding! And it was a fun mini high school reunion as well, everyone just chilling. Anyway, then we had to rush back to Taipei to attend the Kylie Minogue concert. Originally, the plan was to chill in Taichung longer and return after dinner, but then the dad got two free tickets to the concert, so we figured why not.

Two words sum up the concert: eye candy. So much eye candy @.@ Even though I’m not a fan of her music and do not know 99% of her songs (“I just can’t get you outta my head …” is probably the only song I know some of the words to), it was still a pretty entertaining time. This is the first concert I’ve been to that there’s costume change, dancers, props, etc. involved. All the others I’ve been are rock/alternative concerts, so basically this was a new experience. There were some acrobatics in the air and lots of half naked, super toned/muscular guys. Too bad we were too short and most of the time was spent looking at the big screens on the side. But it’s ok~ Eye candy~ Although, I don’t think I would attend if the tickets weren’t free. I still prefer going to concerts of bands that I know the music of so I can scream along xD

Like all concerts in Taiwan, no cameras allowed, so just took crappy pics with the iPhone. It’s all very blue. Forgive the blurriness!