Tenya (Ten屋) @ Breeze Taipei Main Station

The first time I had Okonomiyaki at Tenya was many years ago, and I thought it was fantabulous. No idea how it compares to the real thing in Japan, but it was yummy! It’s kind of like pancake with lots of ingredients in it and made a la teppanyaki-style (which they also have in the restaurant) where they cook the food on a hot metal plate in front of you. The downside is that you walk out of the restaurant stinky, but meh, what you gotta do to have good food.

Anyway, when we saw they had a restaurant at Breeze, we decided to go for it. The sister and I got a two person set, which included two drinks, two salads, two types of pancake (Okonomiyaki is just one type), and a beef teppanyaki. I can say that this was way too much for the two of us. I think we would be fine with just one Okonomiyaki and maybe some sort of side dish.

Previously, we ordered their Monjayaki, but this time we decided to try something different and got the Hiroshimayaki. Should have stuck with the Monjayaki as it is thinner and more fun to eat. They have this little scraping utensil you use to scrape the food from the hot plate. And because it’s so thin, it gets semi burnt on the bottom and crunchy. Fun and yum! Anyway, overall it was as good as I remembered before, but towards the end it really got to be too much, and now I’m a little bit tired of it. I’m sure in a year I’ll have a craving for it again, though. 🙂 While we were there, some Japanese customers showed up, and I was super curious to know what they thought of the food. Was it nothing like what they have in Japan? Or was it a decent attempt? Too bad I don’t speak nor understand Japanese. Heh.

Salad with seaweed.

Okonomiyaki (好吃燒) with pork.

Hiroshimayaki (廣島燒) with beef. This one had noodles in it.