Shanghai Dumpling 滬園上海湯包館

Sometimes, translating Chinese food names into English is kind of difficult. Tang baos are not the dumpling that most people are used to because it’s rounder and has soup inside. At first I was like, soup dumpling, but that’s not right either since there’s a dish that’s dumplings in soup. Ahhh, anyway, I finally Googled the restaurant, and they translated it as Shanghai dumpling, so there you go.

This restaurant has lots of stores all over Taipei, but the one we went to was in Breeze on top of Taipei Main Station. My cousin had taken my mom and his parents there before, and my mom thought it was not bad, so she took us there. It was alright. The thing with these restaurants is you need more people so you can order a variety of dishes that everyone can share. With just the three of us, the amount of food we could order was much more limited.

I love Shanghai dumplings. I still remember when I was still in college in LA, there was a Shanghai dumpling place in one of the cities filled with Asians (cannot for the life of me remember the name of the city) that was super good. A whole group of us would go there and order basket after basket of dumplings and demolish them all. I don’t think I’ve had dumplings as good ever since. But then again, it could just be my memory making it much better than it actually was. xP

Shanghai Dumplings. The soup inside was on the oily side, which means you could only have a few before you got sick of it. Good thing there are only six in one basket. Otherwise, it's not bad.

Fried rice with salted fish. The dish was much larger than this bowl, but we had all started eating before I remembered to take a picture, so I took a picture of my bowl. Heh. It was on the dry side, which means had to accompany the dish with lots of tea. The thing is that if fried rice is not too dry, that means they use a lot of oil, which is not healthy, but it tastes so much better. Dilemma.

Beef rolls. This dish was probably the best. Also on the dry side, but these types of food tend to be. Thank goodness for tea!

Dessert~ Mango panna cotta. Wait, this was the best dish. Love mango, love panna cotta. Together, they are invincible! Ok, maybe not.