Random Fooding around Taipei City

I was looking through my iPhone pictures and realized I had lots of single pictures of dishes from different places. So, this entry will just be a dump of these pictures. xP

Ugly Home

Cinnamon bun and coffee milkshake. The sister is preparing for her oral defense, so lots of time spent at Ugly Home. Their cinnamon bun is yummy, especially since they serve it fresh out of the oven. Nom nom nom.

Berry ice cream. This is super yummy. I can't even describe why it's so good, but it is. You'll just have to take my word for it. It's got a yogurt consistency, but it's not yogurt, it's ice cream! And lots of berry flavor. Perfect on a hot summer's day. And that's my sister's thesis in the background. Go sister!

Breeze @ Taipei Main Station

Japanese hamburger patty set @ ChaChaMaru. This place was super busy when we went. The food was not bad, although my hamburger patty was too salty. But you could refill on rice and soup, so that was good. The tofu side dish was quite yum. It's a tad on the pricey side, though.

Indian curry. There are a number of curry stalls in the food court area, but we always go for the one in the corner (don't recall the name). The first time we tried it, we thought it was pretty good. But for some reason this time around it just wasn't as tasty. It was dry and didn't taste much like anything. It is also possibly because we ate it after the nasty squid balls below, so we had lost our appetite. Not sure if I want to give it another chance, though.

Octopus balls @ Tenya (Ten屋). I forget the food's proper name. Been wanting to eat some since coming back, but didn't get a chance until recently. And this was disappointing. It wasn't freshly made and was, for lack of a better word, mushy. Overall, semi disgusting.


Pork in soy sauce @ a Japanese restaurant near Zhongshan MRT station. Yep, terrible with names. It was not bad, but the most interesting thing about the restaurant is how you order. They have this machine with buttons for the different dishes and drinks they have. You choose your dish/drink, put in the money, and it spits out a piece of paper you give the waitress. The thing is the change it returns is in coins only, so my friend put in 1000NT and got a lot of 50NT coins back. Hah, it was pretty funny. The food was not bad as well 🙂

Not food, but one day while taking my mbp to get fixed, we got caught in a huge downpour. We just needed to cross that street to get to NOVA, but we couldn't make it. Had to hide out in Shingong Mitsukoshi until the rain got a little bit smaller. The rain was insane. 2 seconds under it and we were pretty soaked even with umbrellas. And my umbrella died a horrible death that day. Good thing my laptop didn't get wet. Phew~