Bike Ride 7.2

Recently haven’t been taking much pictures on bike rides. Mostly because we go the same routes, and I’m too lazy to take out my phone from the armband. It’s a tight fit! And takes effort to get it out and put it in >.< … okok, I'm just lazy. Anyway! There's this little fenced in area on one of the routes that is obviously for some kind of animal, but whenever we ride past it, there's never anything in there. Finally, on this trip, we see that there's a goat and a pig! Of course this calls for pictures~ Too bad there were more people than animals. Otherwise it would have been fun to stick around longer and get more pictures, maybe even feed the goat some wild grass. Although, now that I think about it, seems like a kind of random place to have this goat/pig enclosure. Wonder who they belong to.