Chinese Food – Fei Yue Xiao Guan 飛月小館

So! The sister got a new job right after passing her oral defense (go sister!). That calls for a celebration. The dad looked online for a good restaurant near our area, and we all went with my cousin and cousin in law to celebrate.

That is the backstory to this restaurant find. Because seriously, if you didn’t look it up, it would be hard to stumble across it by accident. The dad walked right by it when looking for it. Only when we yelled his name did he look back and realize he’d passed the restaurant. Thank goodness for GPS on the iPhone.

Anyway, This restaurant reminds me a lot of the Hakka restaurant we went to before. It’s also very discrete, no big signage announcing its presence, and it’s got the atmosphere and decoration of a time in Taiwan that has passed. It’s quite a charming place, and the service is friendly enough. The place is small with seating mostly for large groups of people, so it can get pretty squishy in there. We ordered the dishes that the dad saw online, and they were all tasty. There is one dish that really sticks with me and makes me want to go back there again as I have never had it elsewhere. It’s tomatoes and olives in a plum sauce. It was sour and sweet and salty all at once, and I know that sounds really weird, but for some reason it just works out really well. The flavors just balance each other out. Hard to describe, must eat to understand!

Anyway, picture time!

The packed interior. What you see is pretty much how big the place is. We were in this little nook off to the side, the rest of the restaurant is a square. They had these decorations from Taiwan's past, and it just had a homey, cozy feel to it.

The entrance area. It was raining outside, so could not get a picture of the exterior. But it did have this little seating area off to the side where people sat and smoked after a big meal.

Chicken! Good! The meat had this chewy quality to it, and I mean it in a good way. It's hard to describe, but to say the least, it wasn't tough at all.

Shrimp in lots of garlic. Cannot go wrong with that combination. In other words, yum!

Rice with pig oil. Sounds disgusting, but oh so tasty. It adds loads of flavor to the rice.

Stir fried rice noodles in pumpkin sauce with seafood. Nom nom nom.

Fried squid. Cannot go wrong with fried squid. Goes especially well with beer, which we most definitely had plenty of.

Egg and oyster pancake. Not a fan of oyster, so didn't eat much of it. But I did have a little piece of egg, and it tasted of yummy pan-fried eggy goodness.

The dish I mentioned above. Tomatoes and olive in a plum sauce. So so so good! Want mooooore.

Stir fried veggies and meat (客家小炒). It had slivers of pork, tofu, celery, etc. Goes well with rice.

Cabbage. Must have daily veggie intake. But they forgot about this dish, and so it came at the very end. Which means, everyone was full and couldn't eat much. Although, the cousin in law is a food monster. He can eat so much that we affectionately call him the trashcan or the black hole. It's always good to have one of these when you're out eating. 🙂