Italian Food – Come on, Italy!

I’ve been on a N.Y. Bagel addiction recently with their eggs benedict (entry to come later), so this past weekend I wanted to go again (more, more, more!). But we went a little too late, so the place was packed. We even stuck around for an hour hoping to get a seat, but in the end we gave up. First we tried Alleycat’s Pizza, but they had no readily available table, and we were all starving. So then we tried Come On, Italy, which was next door (this is all in the Q Square mall), and they had seats!

It had nice decoration, and I really liked the amount of natural light that came through. The food was okay, but on the pricey side. There was a 300NT per person minimum (150NT on the weekdays), and that kind of sucked for the friend who had a late breakfast and just wanted beer and appetizer. They also had pizza and homemade lasagna, which both looked pretty good. Although, my friend got the lasagna, and it was on the small side. The pizza that our neighbors ordered looked on the big side, though, and it was thin crust. Maybe I’ll go back and give that a try next time.

Anyway, picture time!

Freshly baked bread. yum.

Corn soup. The usual.

Spicy sausage salad. I think it was too spicy even for the sister who loves spicy food. She couldn't finish it!

Orange duck pasta with asparagus. It was a little too creamy and sweet, so it got a little bit tiresome towards the end.

Iced coffee and panna cotta for dessert. The panna cotta was quite good; it had mango syrup on top.