American food – N.Y. Bagel

You would think a place called N.Y. Bagel only has bagels, but no! I am mistaken! I heard from another friend before that this place has good food, but I never gave it a try. Until one day, the sister and I were wandering around Q Square and wanted to find a place to have coffee/desserts. We decided to give N.Y. Bagel a try because the menu looked pretty good. The dessert part was alright, not very impressive. Although, it does have Juniors cheesecake (three types), so if you’re a fan of that, it’s definitely worth the trip. But then we looked through the menu some more and saw they had breakfast/brunch food, and those looked very tasty. So, the next time we were in the area (right before Harry Potter DH2, too!), we decided to give the food part a try. And it was such a good idea!

I’ll let the pictures (and captions) do the talking. All I can say is, I wanna go back! And try their bread pudding! And maybe their bagel. And they have pasta, too. Ahhh, nom nom nom. Oh, but the service there sucks. The first time the sister and I went, it was not bad, but then the second time was horrible. Ah well. The food makes it worth going to.

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon. So. Good. Possibly the best eggs benedict I've had in Taiwan. Oh wait, I haven't found anywhere else with it, although I did see a cafe/restaurant in the Shi Da area the other day that had eggs benedict. Should try that at some point. Anyway, runny eggs, English biscuit, smoked salmon, what can go wrong?!

Smoked salmon sandwich that my friend ordered. She also got spinach eggs benedict (which is very good), so after the eggs, she had no room for the sandwich. The eggs benedict is quite filling.

Steak sandwich with mashed potatoes and string beans. I know, the string beans part sounds pretty weird, but this was also very tasty. Super high in carbs, though. But you know, steaks and mashed potatoes!!! Much love there.

Up close and personal. Nom.

Tiramisu in a cup. It was ok, a little bit on the dry side.

Junior's original cheesecake.

Irish Cream Latte ... not that great. hehe.