Rue 216 ~ French & Brunch

First thing’s first, Happy Father’s Day (in Taiwan)! Well, technically Father’s Day is tomorrow, but 11 PM the previous day is close enough. We also had our Father’s Day celebration today, so I wanted to do a post about the restaurant before I get lazy again. xD

So! Rue 216 is an interesting little restaurant. By little, I do mean not-very-big. It’s a long narrow restaurant with a bar area in the middle. I first found out about it last week when I had dinner with ex-colleagues, and one of them suggested this place. It’s a French restaurant with affordable prices, well, depending on how you order. Everything is a la carte, the soup, appetizers, main course, side dishes, etc. each costing around 100-500NT (unless you order the porterhouse steak). So, it can add up if you want all that, but at the same time, just getting the main course by itself might not be enough for most people as it literally is just the main course. For example, I ordered the boneless short ribs, and I got a decent amount of short ribs served on some sprouts. And that’s it. It was actually enough for me because we also ordered a bottle of wine, and I also got dessert afterwards. But many people I know, especially the guys, will probably find that unfulfilling. In which case, they need to go the route my friend took – soup, main course, mixed vegetables, and dessert.

Anyway, this first experience was kind of disappointing, not in the food (which was pretty good), but in the speed at which the food was serve. Snail-paced would be a good description. We each got our dishes at different times with long gaps in between, and my old boss had to leave earlier, so it was kind of frustrating how slow her dish was served. The waiter’s explanation was that right before we ordered, a whole bunch of orders came in, so they were working on those as well. It’s a good thing we were all catching up and gossiping to pass the time, otherwise I think the slow speed would be unbearable.

Despite this mediocre first experience, I still made reservations for our Father’s Day celebration because the food is actually quite good. I was willing to give it another chance. This time we ate lunch, and their menu was completely different in that they had brunch as well as lunch sets for about the same price as a dinner main dish (200~350). The first time I walked away somewhat full, but not overly so, and the second time I walked away stuffed to my head with food. What a completely different experience. Their lunch sets came with bread, the main dish with rice and mashed potatoes, and tea or coffee. Their brunch sets came with fruit, orange juice, main dish with sausage, bacon, mashed potatoes, and tea/coffee. So. Much. Food. But still very good. I think the parents were satisfied overall with the food and restaurant, so success! I was actually really worried about the serving speed because my parents aren’t the most patient of people, but luckily our food was served very quickly. Good second experience! Will definitely go back for lunch or brunch, although it is a tad far from where I live. Hmmm. Or maybe go back for happy hour 🙂

First experience:

Rue 216 interior. A little bit dark at night, which makes for not-great-quality pictures. And when it gets later, they turn the lights down even more, light some candles, and it turns into a wine bar-type place. They also have Belgian beer! Smaller selection, but still some.

My main dish ~ short ribs! Very tender, but on the salty side. Good thing there was a bit of veggies on the bottom to go with it.

Friend's main dish ~ Beef Bourguignon.

Friend's mixed grilled vegetables. I ha a piece of her green bean, which was crunchy and flavorful.

Friend got mixed berry crepe with vanilla ice cream.

Banana and chocolate crepe. I thought it was pretty good, but my taste buds might have been off after a couple glasses of red wine.

Second Experience:

Iced coffee for the sister and me~

Lunch set ~ fresh out of the oven baguette slices. Crunchy and warm. Yum! I didn't get a picture, but it also came with olive spread (chopped olive bits in olive oil), which is super nom! I love olive!! You can refill on the bread and spread, which we did. 😀

Brunch set ~ Fruit and oj.

My brunch ~ Chicken & mushroom crepe with scrambled eggs, sausage, croissant, and mashed potatoes. In the crepe was lettuce and bacon. The chicken and mushroom sauce really reminded me of vol-au-vent in Belgium, which is good. Very heavy meal, though. The scrambled eggs had either cream or butter in it, so it was tasty, but very heavy. Afterwards I felt like I had gained 10 pounds, which I probably did. >.<

The sister's brunch set ~ Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and asparagus (and all the side trappings). Another place with good eggs benedict! Yay! It was good. That is all.

The mom's lunch set ~ boneless short ribs (like the one I had my first time) with mashed potatoes, rice, and egg. The short ribs were on the salty side, so good thing they had those sides. Otherwise quite tender and tasty.

The dad's lunch set ~ Pan fried roasted chicken thigh with mashed potatoes, rice, and egg.

Like I said before, it’s not a very big restaurant, so definitely a good idea to reserve ahead of time. Luckily you can do so on their facebook page. 🙂