Chinese Food – Chi Fan Shi Tang 喫飯食堂

Apparently, there is a street in Taipei called Yongkang Street (永康街) that is full of restaurants with good food. I say apparently because I’d heard about it before but never been. Then, one day, the parents decided to treat another family to lunch at a restaurant in that street, so the sister and I tagged along. The dad had eaten there before and thought it pretty good. However, my first experience wasn’t on the positive side because the family we went with didn’t really eat much. Our family, including our extended family, and friends all love to eat. So whenever we gather for food, we order a lot and eat a lot. Part of what makes a fooding experience good is everyone enjoying their food, and in this case, the kids of the family barely ate, and the parents ate a decent amount, but the feeling was just different. Anyway, the food was also only alright, not so memorable. The dad had the manager (or someone up there) decide what to order, but for some reason some of the choices were … meh, nothing to write home about. As you will be able to tell from the pictures, most dishes have slipped from my memory except one or two (I had to refer to the menu on their website to remember what some of them were, but it didn’t have all the dishes, so there are some blanks). So, in the end, there was a lot of food leftover, which we doggy-bagged home, something that doesn’t occur very often.

That was the first experience. We went again this past weekend with extended family (10 people altogether), and the experience was definitely different. Everyone ate, happily. We ordered some dishes that were the same as last time, but we also ordered new ones. Unfortunately I was still full from the huge French brunchI had earlier, so I could not eat that much. However, despite my lack of appetite, I still managed to eat quite a bit and enjoy the meal. The second experience was definitely much better than the first, which seems to be a running theme these days. The place is super packed, so it’s a good thing to make reservations ahead of time (website). Now, because both times we had lots of people, so we ordered lots of food. That means, there are lots of pictures. Instead of putting them one by one and wasting space, this time they’re in a gallery (click to enlarge)! Enjoy!