Yongkang Street & Yongkang 15

After the massive dinner that I wrote about in the previous entry, it was time for dessert! There is always room for dessert. It goes to a different stomach, afterall. Anyway, this mango shaved ice place on Yongkang Street is really popular and always packed with people. Luckily people come and go quickly, so we were able to find space for ten people (in two different tables). The mango shaved ice was good, especially on a hot night, but nothing groundbreaking or spectacular. Not too sure why it’s so popular, but the sister and I hypothesize it’s because it’s described in some guide books. Apparently there are lots of Japanese tourists who go there, but we also saw many foreigners while we were there. The place is definitely written in some guide book to Taipei food life. Want to make your restaurant successful? Make sure a popular guidebook suggests it as a place to visit, for sure!

Anyway, some pictures of the mango ice place (Yongkang 15) and street shots at night, not necessarily in that order.

Shaved ice with mango fruit and mango ice cream. It was good, but not more special than all the other mango shaved ices I've had. The portion is decent; we shared it among three of us. On a related note, I love mango!