Botanical Garden ~ Taipei

This should be a wordless Wednesday entry since there’s not much to say, just some pretty pictures to show. We went to the Botanical Garden in Taipei this past weekend. The only stupid thing was going like right after lunch because it was super hot. And by super, I mean super duper duper hot. I think I got a couple shades darker even with sunblock. But it was worth it because we got to see pretty lotus flowers. Too bad a lot of them had already lost their petals, but the inside parts (whatever it’s called) are also pretty in their own way. We saw some ducks, lots of fish, and other birds. It would be a nice place to revisit when the weather gets cooler. The garden seems to be pretty huge, from the map that we saw, but because of the heat, we didn’t explore too much. Anyway, picture time! These are just some of them (and I had a hard time narrowing them down). To see the others, go here

Lots of people were out trying to capture the lotus flowers before they all disappeared.Some took photos while others painted.

Petals that had shed already.