Bike Ride – 8.26

I went for a ride alone last week, and I guess it was the calm before the typhoon. The sky was blue with white clouds of all shapes, sizes, and patterns. So I ended up spending more time taking pictures than actually riding. Hence, you can see the kilometers is less than before even though the time taken is about the same. And that’s why I shouldn’t ride alone! Also, I ended up falling off my bike near the end, resulting in scraped palms and a super sore left side (that is still ongoing). Sigh. But it’s a good thing I got a ride in since who knows how long this rain from the typhoon will last. Although, this rain gives me time to heal. There hasn’t been much of an effect up here in the north, but the typhoon seems to have had a greater impact in the south and east. Hope everyone is safe and well!

Anyway, picture time. Gave the filters from Pixlr-o-matic app on the iPhone a try. The annoying thing about taking pictures while riding is that my iPhone is in an armband, so every time I want to take a picture, I have to wrestle the phone out of the armband (since it fits really snugly), take the pictures, and then stuff it back in. It gets annoying after a while, so if I see something I want to capture, I sometimes don’t, due to my laziness. Le sigh. Anyone know of an iPhone armband that has a hole for the camera? Would be most useful!