Weekend in Chia-Yi


This past weekend we went down to Chia-Yi to celebrate my grand uncle’s 80th birthday. Needless to say, there was a lot of fooding involved. I think our trips to Chia-Yi can be summed up as thus: eat, drink beer, walk around the park, eat some more, walk home from restaurant, sleep, eat some more, drink more beer. Yep, a trip back always packs on the pounds. The food is sometimes fantastic, while other times, not so great. But! This entry shall not be about food, but rather showcase pictures I took in the park (where I also got semi-eaten alive by mosquitoes). The park is huge, and it’s built on a hill, so there’s always a work out involved walking around in there. This time around, we stumbled across a temple (picture above) and amphitheater, hung around the baseball stadium, and saw lots of dragonflies. Sweaty time, but fun!

This wasn't in the park, and it's blurry because I took the pic while in a moving vehicle. But apparently, the weekend we were in Chia Yi was a festival for one of the gods. And to celebrate, there were these jeeps with huge speakers strapped on the back and some of them had scantily clad women dancers. Yaaaah, the gods sure have it nice in Taiwan. xP

On our way to the park, this kitty decided to take a nap on top of the column. So cute!

Zzzzz time.

This 7-11 was huge! And had a lot of different things that we don't see in other 7-11s usually. For example, they had earl grey tea chocolate. We didn't buy, though, because we were without a bag and no pockets. Too bad.

Lonely bench.

You can't really see, but this small field was filled with dragonflies. They were probably mating (heh), but don't know what it was about this field that attracted them all.

At first we weren't sure what this structure was, until we peeked inside and realized it was a temple!

It had a dragon in front.

Bridge to ... nowhere.

Temple at the end of the world. Hah, so dramatic.

A little pagoda where, surprisingly, there was nobody. Normally these places are occupied by older people enjoying each other's company and drinking tea or something.

Baseball stadium~ Never watched a game of baseball in Taiwan, though. Meh, not a big fan.

An abandoned amphitheater. I really wonder if they use this for anything because the place looks like it's falling apart. And it's generally too hot or humid or rainy for outdoors theaters to work in Taiwan. Although, it could be different in the south. Hum. Ah well.

Sister hugging the baseball bat statue. Kinda looks like it, right? Right?!

Tigers in front of the stadium drinking from an ... empty pool. Poor tigers. Must be thirsty. No wonder they look pissy.