Chia-Yi: Yi Yeh Japanese Restaurant (一葉)

The grand uncle’s birthday lunch was held at this Japanese restaurant. Although it’s supposed to be a Japanese restaurant, most of the dishes were of the Chinese origin. One word to describe the meal: unremarkable. There was just nothing that stood out in my memory of the meal, which is disappointing. Not to say the food was horrible, but just … unremarkable.

The great thing about eating with relatives is that they already know my thing for taking pictures of the food we eat to put on the blog. Sometimes I’ll forget and my cousin will prevent everyone from devouring the food before she reminds me to take a picture. Teehee. Thank you cousin! Anyway, at least the food made for pretty colored pictures.

Pork feet soup with noodles. According to the sister, this was the best dish.

Assorted sashimi with fish eggs on the side. I believe amongst my family members, salmon sashimi is the most popular, so that's always the first to run out. This time was no different, but I managed to snag a piece. However! I don't think it was very fresh because it had a fishy taste to it. So that was uber disappointing.

Fried eel and green beans. Dislike eel, but the green beans were good; crispy, not soggy!

Crab with tofu. Sigh. After having blue crabs in Maryland, most crabs pale in comparison. Le sad.

Abalone, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots cooked in soup. I think this was fake abalone because a couple dishes later, there was big abalone in soup.

Shrimp and pumpkin with whipped cream on top. Interesting combination is all I can say (mostly because I don't remember how it tasted; just know I wasn't too impressed by it).

Grilled chicken on top and scallop with mango on the bottom. Scallop and mango, two of my favorite foods, but together, it was ... ok. I think the problem was that the mango was warm, and I much prefer having my mango cold. Warm mango is just too mushy. Also the sauce they drizzled on top didn't really help enhance the flavor of the mango; it clashed more with the taste.

Assorted sushi. Feh, not a big fan of sushi.

Abalone soup! Man, the pieces of abalone were huge, and I do like abalone, so I quite enjoyed this dish.