Beijing Duck – Grand Ambassador Hotel

Most people barbecue on Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Mooncake Festival), but for as long as I can remember, my family hasn’t, mostly because we’re generally not in Taiwan for it. So anyway, this time was no different. Instead, we went to a restaurant at the Grand Ambassador Hotel for some Beijing Duck. Apparently it’s pretty pricey, but the dad got a gift certificate to eat one, so it was doable! And boy was it tasty. Between the four of us, we had one whole duck to eat, and we ordered some other dishes, too. So of course we were unable to finish it all. Brought some leftover Beijing Duck and its bones (to be made into soup) home. Nom nom nom. Although if we ever get another chance to eat there, I think more people would be better as we would be able to order more dishes. A whole duck for four people is definitely way too much. But I will not deny; it was a very tasty duck. Not too oily (for me) and full of flavor. I want more!!


Appetizer … marinated ginger. Not my thing since I don’t like ginger. Everyone else in the family does, though. Woe.


Green beans wrapped in pancake skin. This is the first time I had anything like this. Normally it’s just beans by itself. But this was good! We just weren’t expecting it to be wrapped, so it was quite filling. Less space for the duck later on.


Large pork intestines braised in soy sauce and lots of garlic. Sounds disgusting, but so good! Nom nom nom.


Leftover green beans without the pancake. Still good, but on the salty side without the pancake.


A whole duck! For the four of us!


On the left, a slice of meat, and on the right, duck skin wrapped in flour wrapper with awesome sauce. Description does not do it service. Nom! I think I ate four of these that night. Or was it three.


Beer! Beer! Beer!


Chef slicing the duck into pieces by the table.


Slices of duck~


All the condiments and accessories to go with the ducky.


Part of the duck was used to make the above. It’s duck meat with veggies and yo tiao (fried flour thingies) wrapped in lettuce. I love it!


The light in the restaurant was pretty cool.

20111004-170601.jpgStinky tofu szechuan style. Kinda spicy, but so tasty! The mom thought it was on the dry-side, but I liked it. Then again, I love stinky tofu so it can do no wrong in my eyes. πŸ˜€