Goody.O Cafe

After visiting my cousin and her new born baby couple of days ago, we had late dinner at Goody.O Cafe near No. 4 Park. It was yum. Part of it could be because the sister and I were both starving, so anything would have tasted good. But I think the food itself was actually quite good since there were quite a number of customers in there. Even when we passed by earlier there was a crowd. Anyway, want to go back there. Too bad it’s a 15-20 minute walk from our place, and we are uber lazy! Maybe one of these days we’ll make the trek, especially if we go see the baby when she comes back to Taipei.

First, a picture of the new addition:

Baby Emma! She's so cute. Awwwww.

And now, onto pictures of the food:

Margherita pizza. One of my favorites. Can't go wrong with tomato, cheese, and basil, and thin crust of course. Nom nom nom.

Stella! I love Stella.

German sausage and bacon risotto. Very tasty, actually, and the portion is pretty big. Don't think one person can finish it by him/herself (I helped my sister. Heh)

Bodington's Ale. Prefer my Stella.

Goody.O’s Facebook page.

[Edit] According to WordPress,

Ha! What a coincidence xD [/edit]