Wedding Banquet ~ Banciao Jily Restaurant (吉立餐廳)

Today was an uncle’s wedding, an uncle who is only six years older than me. Could never remember if he was a cousin or an uncle. So weird to have an uncle so close in age (he is the dad’s cousin). Anyway, an interesting thing about the bride: She was born on the same day as my sister! What a coincidence. I mean, really, what are the chances of that happening? But poor sister, kept getting asked by the relatives when she was going to get married. Ah, relatives.

Moving on, the most recent wedding banquet I attended was in Chia-Yi. There’s always a comparison between southern banquets and Taipei banquets, namely that the northern ones always have better food (and is more expensive). Well, I don’t know if this one was more expensive, but it was definitely better food than the last southern one. The pictures below are all small portions (MY portions) because I didn’t feel comfortable enough with the relatives at the table to stop them from eating before I took pictures. Therefore, I had to take pictures of the food on my plate (please ignore dirty plates; hard to keep them clean when you reuse). Also, I missed three dishes: lobster and fruit salad, sashimi, and drunken chicken.

The wedding started one hour later than it said it would, and I was so bored and so not into the lovey-dovey things being said by the bride and groom to one another that I just dug into the food as a form of refuge. Therefore, I forgot to take pictures and only remembered by the fourth course. Lets just say the salad was great, and the sashimi was fresh, and boy do I love salmon sashimi (nom nom nom /stuffs face). I hate drunken chicken, so I didn’t bother with that one. Other than that, enjoy the pictures!

The reception. Dark, lots of pink, slideshow playing in the background ... typical wedding reception in Taiwan.

The menu! So many dishes. Too much food. Food comaaaaaaaa.

Red wine from the restaurant. Nasty. I took a sip and didn't touch it for the rest of the night. Tasted like vinegar. Bleh!

Mochi balls~ A staple at all weddings. Supposed to eat white and pink together so that you'll have babies! or something like that. I don't want babies, but the mochi balls tasted so good~~ I ate quite a few. 😀 It was nice and warm and chewy~

Soup of the shark fin type, but without the shark fin. Hard to explain or translate into english, but it was tasty. According the menu, there were bits of fat from the area of a frog's fallopian tubes (雪蛤 for those who know Chinese).

American ribs (as it said on the menu). One word, fatty. Oh, and really hard to eat. Luckily they dimmed the lights because the bride and groom were coming back from the bride's second dress change, so I could eat non-delicately. It was good, but just a tad too fatty.

Garlic shrimp with noodles. This was quite good! Not too sure how to describe it, but the flavor of the shrimp was enhanced by however they cooked it and the garlic. The noodles were nice and chewy, not overly cooked.

Mountain yam soup. The soup was on the oily side, but I feel like these types of soup tend to be. But, it was still very flavorful and quite delicious. The layer of oil on the soup made it really hot, though.

Salmon pieces with mushroom and fried bread wrapped in lettuce. Quite good, although I prefer the shrimp pieces instead. Not a big fan of cooked salmon, so I'm biased. 😀 But I just love the crunchiness of the fried bread and the crispness of the lettuce. Nom~

Fishy from the deep sea. My great aunt (?) says that it's fresh, but the dad said it's not possible for deep sea fish to be fresh. So, who knows. Nevertheless, good fish. It tasted fresh without any of the fish-y taste, so it's all good.

Directly translated, shredded turnip biscuits or something like that. Anyway, semi-crunchy and flaky on the outside, flavorful on the inside. It's not bad! But I just don't like how dry the outside part is.

Dessert Soup~ red bean with longan. A little bit too sweet, and I just picked the red bean parts. Don't like longan unless it's fresh!

Restaurant website: Click.