Chia-Yi ~ Lan Tan (Reservoir)

It seems like whenever I get a job, the first things to get neglected are the blogs. Tumblr is pretty much dead. Unintentionalwanderer is headed in that direction. But no! I will try to update more. Life’s just gotten way busier, what with the job, tutoring twice a week, and lots of friends visiting from abroad! There just hasn’t been much motivation to blog even though I’m eating as much as ever and actually traveled a couple of times (Japan, Kaoshiung, etc.). Laziness ftw! Sigh.

Anyway~ We visited Chia-Yi last Saturday and walked around (and I mean completely around) Lan Tan, one of the two reservoirs servicing Chia-Yi.

Reservoir is pretty damn big, yo!

I am so adamant about saying walking completely around the reservoir because that’s what we did! And it’s a pretty big walking distance, as you can see from the map. It took us a bit over two hours including walk time to and from my uncle’s home. I did it in Converse All Stars, which really aren’t suitable for long distance walking, so by the end, my knees hurt, my back hurt, my everything hurt. Must wear better walking shoes next time we go back to Chia-Yi since we always end up walking a lot. But anyway, good exercise, right? Plus it was nice weather, a fantastic change from Taipei weather which is still rainy and ick. As usual, I took pictures, but only with the iPhone. I also need to remember to bring back my DSLR next time, which should be Chinese New Year!

From a higher altitude and a small distance away, the reservoir doesn't look THAT big. I was deceived.

From one side of the reservoir.

Signage just in case you didn't know you were walking around the reservoir. xD