Steak – A Cut Steakhouse

To celebrate my dad’s birthday, we went to A Cut Steakhouse at the Grand Ambassador Hotel. We had seen it on few trips to the hotel’s other restaurants, and I’d always been curious to give it a try. So we did. It was good! And the price, compared to No. 168 Prime Steakhouse that we went to for my birthday, was a lot more affordable. Thank goodness too because we were paying for it.

Anyway, the steak was really juicy and well cooked. Not too dry, but not too bloody. Just thinking about it makes me drool. There is one thing that kind of bugged me, though. Each steak came with roasted garlic, which was amazingly fantastic, but that’s it. I wish they had come with more vegetables, like maybe some broccoli, carrots, etc. Too much meat and not enough vegetables to go with it can get a little bit overwhelming. But other than that, the food was filling and very satisfying, and the atmosphere was nice. I want to go back again!

The bread was warm, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Good.

The french onion soup at first taste was a little on the sweet side, but after a while the saltiness of the cheese balanced it out.

My dad ordered the pumpkin soup (I think … I really need to stop procrastinating on my entries. I forget so easily!).

They gave us different salts to eat with the steak, but I ended up not using any because the steak by itself is full of flavor already. From left to right, salt from France, Spain, Himalaya, and Hawaii. I really could not tell the different tastes even after the waiter explained.

The restaurant before it filled up. We arrived at 12, but I don’t think the place filled up until 1230-1pm. Reservations are always a good idea.

In between soup and steak, they gave us grapefruit sorbet to clean our palates. Yum!

The sister and I split the steak, and it was actually the perfect amount. Like I gushed before, juicy but not bloody and the perfect texture. So good!!! *drool*

The dad’s steak. Yah, I no longer remember the different cuts. Oops.

The mom’s surf and turf. I ate a shrimp. It was good ^^

My cut piece of steak and the roasted garlic. It didn’t have a strong garlic taste, but I think afterwards we definitely all had garlic breath. Heh.

The mom’s dessert ~ passion fruit souffle.

The dad’s dessert ~ chocolate cake, but it wasn’t really cake. It was more like eating a super big piece of chocolate. So sweet.

The best dessert ever! Creme brulee~~~ It was not bad, crunchy top, creamy creme with vanilla. Yummy!

Cappuccino. So pretty! I made the mistake of adding sugar, so everything was too sweet. Heh.

And the end!