Western – Woolloomooloo

According to Wiki,

Woolloomooloo is a harbourside, inner-city eastern suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Woolloomooloo is located 1.5 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Sydney.

It is also the name of a cafe/restaurant in Xinyi Area in Taipei, and we went there for a farewell dinner for colleague. The food was not quite Australian, although to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what Australian food is. I believe that is the name of the restaurant because the owner lived or is from that area. Maybe. Anyway, they had an assortment of food, like pizzas, pastas, Greek, and even pho. Yup, so it’s a very varied restaurant. But the food overall was quite good. We ended up ordering the Magherita Pizza twice because that’s just how good it was. Thin crust with lots of cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves. Plus a generous amount of olive oil. I am now drooling just thinking about it. The portions also weren’t overly large, which is great because everyone needs to save room for dessert – assortment of pies, cakes, etc. My favorite out of all the desserts we tried was the banana cream pie. It was absolutely fantastic (not too sweet, too!), and I could eat 10 of them if I weren’t on a diet. Woe.

The decor/furniture was also very interesting. Funny story, or maybe more sad than funny, when the group of us arrived at the restaurant, we stood in front of the entrance for a good minute or so. It’s this big glass door with a wooden panel down the left side. We’re so used to doors being automatic sliding doors that we figured it would slide open itself. Alas, it did not, so we all started looking around wondering how this door opens. Finally, the waiter inside came and pulled the door open for us …… =.= I bet she was thinking, what a bunch of dumbasses! Yes, we are spoiled by all the automatic doors at the hospital/university. Anyway, the decor inside was mostly of wood. Very clean, very simple. We were seated on the second floor, and the interesting thing is that although we had ten people, we did not have our own table. Instead, we were seated at a long table that could easily fit 20 people. Therefore, we shared that long table with other parties. It made it kind of difficult for everyone to talk to each other, so we ended up having to segregate our conversation. Not ideal for group conversation. They also had an outdoor balcony area with seating. It would be a nice place to chill when the weather turns warmer/better!

Greek dish of which the name escapes me. Kind of lasgna but with eggplants and potatoes along with the meat sauce. The one I had in Greece was definitely better. And the feta was disappointing. Sad. But, the name of the dish was pretty funny - "It's all Greek to me" xD

Very delicious magherita pizza that we got a second order of. So good.

Roasted vegetables with chicken. There was a certain Chinese herbal medicine taste to it, which was a turn off for me. My friend who ordered it is actually vegetarian, so was unpleasantly surprised when she found the chicken at the bottom.

Chicken pesto pasta. Not a big fan of this one. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it just did not suit my tastebuds. Although, pesto is not one of my favorite pasta sauces.

Friend's lemon pie. Did not like.

Mixed fruit with custard tart. The sister and I shared this one, and it wasn't bad. Not overly sweet, but definitely not as fantastically great as the banana cream pie.


Cheesecake. Very heavy on the cheese. For a while, we couldn't figure out what kind of cheese they used, so we asked the waiter who said cream cheese. But we've all had cheesecake made from cream cheese before, and they weren't as heavy as this one.