Yoga & The Rose House

Every new year’s resolution I’ve ever had included losing weight. And as we all know, new year’s resolutions are made to be broken. But not this year! In order to really make myself lose weight or at least get in shape, I made a bet with another friend who also wanted to do the same. The best motivation is losing money, I think. xD So, we have a year to see who gets down to or closest to our target weight. Apparently our bet is inherently flawed, according to another friend, but whatever. It is motivation!!!

So, to accomplish said goal, I have been trying to eat healthier, which I know is unbelievable considering all my food posts here …. but I am trying! Cutting down on snacks, sugary drinks, and carbs during dinner. That’s a start, right? Alongside, I’ve decided to start up yoga after seeing another friend have amazing results. So far we are still trying out different studios to see which one we prefer. Right now, we’ve tried both Grace Yoga and Pure Yoga.

The great thing about Grace Yoga is that it’s a really small studio, so each class has about 10 people, and the teacher can properly correct our positioning and such. It’s especially good for people who want to master the basics. Also the one class we tried out, the teacher was really enthusiastic and nice. Knowing that it was my first class in a long time, and my sister’s first ever class, she made sure we were doing it properly and well. The bad thing is that because it’s such a small class per session, you have to reserve a spot in advance. But as more and more people join, the more difficult it becomes to get a spot.

Pure, on the other hand, is a popular and big yoga studio. The teacher we had was also pretty good, but because it’s a big studio, there were many more people per class. Therefore, teacher cannot pay specific attention to everyone, and also her pace was much faster. The class we took at Grace was an hour and a half long while the class at Pure was an hour. We have one more studio to try this week, and then will hopefully be able to make a decision as to which one to join. There is also that thing called price. Le sigh.

Anywho, before class at Pure, the sister and I grabbed something to eat at the Rose House. Bad idea really, since I felt kinda sick at the class. We were just too hungry since class was a bit later. The Rose House is more of a place to eat, drink slowly, and chill. But because we had class, we kinda didn’t linger … They have really pretty tea sets, though! 🙂

Rose Garden's Fruit tea.

Apple Tea.

Smoked chicken sandwich. Pretty good, but I think too much for one person.