Chinese – Fifi

There are many celebrity-owned restaurants in Taipei. For example, where I work, there’s Jay Chou’s Mr. J Italian Restaurant. That one is overpriced and not that great, although my view of it could be somewhat biased as I only go there when it’s work related. Heh. Anyway, Fifi is opened by Isabelle Wen, a fashion designer. It’s not just a restaurant, though. On the first floor, there is a cafe with Western-style food along with a store that sells her designs. On the second floor is a Chinese restaurant. And on the third floor is a lounge, which we finally went to a couple of nights ago. More on that in a later post …. Basically, it has everything in one building, which makes life easier for the lazy person (aka yours truly).

Anyway, couple of weeks ago, friend from the States was back for a visit, and her only requirement for fooding was that it had to be Chinese. Another friend suggested this place, and off we went. It was great. It was so good that we went there for a second time a couple of days ago. Not only is the food fantastic, but the atmosphere is also pretty great. The decor lends it an anachronistic feel. You feel like you’ve been transported to another era, escaping from modern day Taipei. And the pricing, while not cheap, wasn’t unbearably expensive either. Overall, the place is great for eating with friends. And after dinner, you can just head up to the third floor for some drinks and chilling.

The inside of the restaurant is darkly lit, but the decoration and atmosphere is fantastic. Love it!

Spicy chicken. This was also a favorite of the restaurant's customers. On the spicy side, but even for me, someone who is a wimp when it comes to spicy, it was very good. Could not stop eating.

Claypot eggplant. Goes really well with rice.

Thai chicken. This was a popular dish, according to the restaurant, and it was not bad.

Fried salty egg and squid. This was a fantastic dish, and one of the favorites of customers of the restaurant. It was the first time we ever had it, and the saltiness of the egg matched very well with the squid. The fried-ness of it also gave the dish a crunchy yet chewy taste. So much flavor!

Fried intestines. Sounds disgusting, but oh-so-delicious. They fried it perfectly, so there was crunchy as well as chewy.

Sour cabbage and pork soup. Yummy!!! I love sour cabbage and pork soup~

In the hallway leading to the restaurant are these awesome light fixtures. So pretty!!