Nightlife – Fifi Lounge Bar & Bar Code

Generally there isn’t much of a night life for me as the parents don’t like us staying out late. But fairly recently, we’ve gone to a couple of bars/lounges. One being the third floor of Fifi, which I wrote about in a previous post. The other being Barcode at Neo 19 in Xinyi District. Not much to say aside from I have recently discovered the yumminess of martinis. However, I’ve mostly tried other types of cocktails. Heh. Can’t help it … there are just some drinks with such pretty colors and interesting combinations of alcohol. They also make for pretty pictures~

Fifi Lounge Bar

Sister's cocktail ... it had many different layers of color. The sister didn't like it though. Think it had something to do with tasting like medicine?

Friend's cocktail. I have already forgotten what it was. Hah.

My cocktail - Nirvana. Not bad .... Forgot the exact ingredients, but there's blue curacao giving it that beautiful greenish blue color. SO PRETTY. Yes, I order my drinks based on how pretty it is.

Fifi Special. After some discussion, we figured it's plum wine. I really liked it, although it's on the sweet side, but some others didn't. Ah well, more for me! xD

Decor inside W lounge - third floor Fifi.