French – Brasserie Liz

I cannot, for the life of me, remember if I’ve blogged about this restaurant before. But I am also too lazy to flip through my blog, so … pardonez moi if this is a repeat. However! The great thing about this place is that it changes menu on occasion so at least the main dish and desserts is somewhat different. So for Chinese New Year when we came back to Taipei, the dad took us out for Frenchie food! Well, I don’t think he was technically thinking of expensive French food, but that is where we led him. It is quite good, in my opinion, and the great thing is that there’s never too many people. So even on a busy vacation night, we could still get seats without having to wait a bajillion hours. Of course, that makes me worried that the restaurant may shut down at some point, but that is a worry for another day. This time, they had a Chinese New Year menu, but it wasn’t very Chinese. It was still quite delicious, although on the salty side. The sister and I ordered the two person set menu while my dad got a main dish a la carte. But even though he helped us out with the appetizer, salad, and soup, we were still massively full to the point we couldn’t really finish off the main courses. Luckily, the dessert was a light fluffy souffle, so it was manageable. But let’s just say, I could barely move after the meal.

Complimentary cocktail. It was aiiiiight.

Beef and potato gratin (if I recall correctly). Pretty good, but definitely on the heavy side for an appetizer. I think after this we were all half way full.

Beef and pasta. Not bad, but nothing too special.

This! This! This was great. Chicken with rice. But it was the sauce that made the dish. I'm not sure what kind of sauce it was, but it was white. And when the rice soaked up the sauce, it was SO GOOD.

Chocolate souffle. It was light and fluffy on the inside, and I think we would have enjoyed it more if we weren't dying from overeating at the end.

Oh, I noticed I am missing the onion soup … Oh well. Also, as with any French restaurants, the place is on the pricey side. But it has a very nice view of the Zhongxiao Fuxing intersection. And while we were there this time around, they had a musician playing the accordion, and it was pretty fantastic. Made the mood even more Frenchy. And if you don’t want to eat a meal there, I believe they have a cafe area as well. It’s a nice place! And after coming back from yoga and a light dinner prior to that, I am absolutely salivating looking at my own photos. *thlurp!*