Western – Skylark

Skylark used to be the go to restaurant for family gatherings when there was a craving for western, mostly because it was close to my aunt’s place that is very conveniently next to an MRT station. But ever since that location closed down, we haven’t been back. So! When the cousins decided to do a gathering during Chinese New Year break, the idea of Skylark came up. The sad thing was that the reason we decided on a gathering was because my cousin who lives in California was back for a visit. However, the restaurant bills itself as Californian cuisine. Heh. Heh. Heh. Although, had we known our uncle was paying the bill, I would have been more adamant about California Pizza Kitchen! Even though cousin can actually get that in California. Sigh.

The food is not fantastically great, but the pricing is decent. When we found out the uncle was footing the bill, we were all like, damn! Should have ordered the steak. But I’m glad I didn’t because we all had bites from the cousin who did, and it was not very satisfactory. It just wasn’t very juicy nor flavorful. There was just no spark. Luckily, the pork ribs I got was actually decently good. And we got dessert! Ice cream sundaes. Now, you can’t go wrong with that. Anyway, despite having only ok food, the place is quite popular. I think for the pricing and portion-size, it’s not too bad.

French onion soup. Meh.

Cousin's spaghetti in a pan. Looks like ... spaghetti.

Sister's hamburger steak.

Pork ribs! It was unexpectedly good. I was worried it would be too dry or too hard, but it was neither. Quite delicious.

Peach flavored fizzy drink.

Possibly best part of the meal ~ Chocolate ice cream sundae on the left and mixed fruit on the right. Nom!